A Letter to Anxiety

Photo by Peter Lloyd on Unsplash

Dear Anxiety,

Another breakdown, another day waking up to swollen eyes because you’ve gotten a hold on me again.

And this time, you didn’t come alone, depression joined you.

I’m sitting in my bathroom wondering why me?

How much longer do I have to deal with you?

You’ve always been a part of my life but until now I had the strength to deal with you and fight you off.

I usually get myself together and fight back because I refuse to let you win but this time, I can’t.

This time, I’m tired of fighting you. This time I’m tired of thinking I can overcome you.

This time, I won’t try as hard anymore because even though I know you’ll be gone, I also know you’ll be back.

That’s what hurts the most — knowing you’ll be back no matter how healthy or how good my life is.

You’ll always be a part of me and that’s something I have to live with.




just trying to find myself in this vain world.

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Marlene Barcelo

Marlene Barcelo

just trying to find myself in this vain world.

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