I’m Healed, now what?

There are plenty of self-help books that talk about taking control of your life and going after your dream life, but what happens when your dream life has only to be emotionally healthy?

It all started about four years ago when I realized I had been living life through the lens of trauma and the life I wanted, was a normal life most people had. During this time, I also learned that I had anxiety and depression that also contributed to my not-so-normal life.

I did what a person who wants to enjoy their life would do.

I looked for solutions to these problems.

I read self-help books, I got closer to God, I went to therapy — you can pretty much say that I’ve done the major work to be a healed human being.

What I didn’t realize is that after healing, I had no clue what normal is because the trauma was my normal.

It’s like my sole purpose has been to heal, but now that I’m here what’s next?

Now it’s me against me.



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